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Making sun protection fashionable in a whole new way

Umbrellas are cumbersome and conventional. Sun tents forfeit sun style, ignoring any connection to the elegant swimwear and cool sunglasses we choose, or the vibrant, hip elements of surf culture and outdoor events. Zinnia Sun Screen sets the scene on a gorgeous day at the beach or on the grass at a picnic in the park.

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Zinnia Couples Sun Screen

For two adults + plus. Pitch on sand or grass, 10’ X 10’ print. Includes canopy, two collapsible aluminum poles and four 12” long plastic pegs. Canopy stuffs into rear back pocket along with poles and pegs for carrying as a cross body bag. Fits in a carry on bag. ( 22” long X 6” wide X 6” high, weighs 2.8 lbs)

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Zinnias, out and About

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Chic Shade

Zinnia Sun Screens are designed to simplify the sun. We love the sun, but face it —-we cannot. Zinnia Sun Screens provide protection, in addition to sunscreen lotion, while we relax or work outdoors. The minimal, lightweight structure is designed for “deep shade” blocking up to 95% of UV light. Adjustable side curtains further enclose the area under the canopy helping to minimize the effects of diffuse and reflected light. The tensile design uses a geometric pattern of curves sewn into the canopy to make Zinnia wind worthy and wide open for a 360 degree view.  On sand or grass, Zinnia is easy to pitch. Multiple Zinnias can also be linked up to expand coverage, connect with friends. Take one to the beach, the park, anywhere--and enjoy the view.


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