Feature Overview


Portable Shade on-the-go

Zinnia Sun Screens are uniquely portable. The canopy stuffs into a pocket to become a cross body bag that weighs less than three pounds! Includes canopy, two 54” tall collapsible aluminum poles and four 12” long plastic pegs.


Pitch in 4 Easy Steps

Lay screen out flat, on sand or grass. Peg down rear ties, extended and tight, forming an arc. Peg down front ties extended and loose. Insert poles in sockets and lift screen into position. Adjust front pegs. Adjust side curtains with toggles and ties.

Deep Shade  Deep shade is the shade provided when you sit directly under the canopy. The most dangerous are the UVA rays are from reflected and defuse light bouncing off the sand and sea. The canopy and side curtains block this light in addition to providing privacy.

Deep Shade for UV Protection

Zinnia lets us enjoy the breeze and view while sitting in “deep shade” rather than the shade under an umbrella. The difference is in the amount of reflected and diffused light that is blocked when you sit directly under the canopy. Adjustable side curtains further block light from the side and offer more privacy.

Zinnia is designed to protect you.


Stable In The Wind

Zinnia is designed to be stable in a strong wind. Stretch and woven fabrics sewn in a pattern of carefully calculated arcs create an agile structure supported by two poles. The precise design and breathable materials make Zinnia remarkably resilient in the wind. Side curtains can be attached up or down and further stability can be added with optional sandbags to hold the pegs.


Link up and Share Shade with Friends

Overlap peaks and tie canopies together to make a larger shady area. Join three together and make a clubhouse in the backyard where kids can play all day.